Custom Bakery Brownies & Bars

Brownies & Bars



Thaw and Serve – all the work is done for you - just defrost and have your customers enjoy the unique brownie creations designed especially for their enjoyment.

Batter – We can also customize brownie batters for those who prefer to bake fresh at store level.


We can offer concepts that complement your current line or add your custom touches to existing varieties. We will accommodate your needs, whether for simple products that you enhance at store level, or for more intricate, ready-to-serve creations with special toppings and inclusions such as cheesecake, nuts or confection morsels.

Our traditional, standard varieties of brownies include: Plain, Fudge Iced, Kitchen Sink, and Zebra.


Special Processes

Our systems allow us to develop products that are layered, single or double baked, have added premiums, or require multiple toppings of varying textures and consistencies.


Custom Precut Sizes

We also offer sizing to suit your needs, from uncut trays, to large bars, to  1” x 1” nuggets.


Convenient Packaging

We understand your need for varied packaging to suit your particular system of operation. Our abilities include bulk packaging in individual trays that are cut to suit, or retail packaging according to your specifications.

As always, we can create signature products to your specifications.