The Daily Crumb


Sharpen Your Axe

The legendary story of the lumberjack contest teaches business professionals the importance of allowing yourself to take a break during the day in order to “sharpen our axe” and increase productivity. Learn more.

Thinning Blunders

When doing business with a potential client, it’s important to understand that email messages can get lost in translation more easily than an in-person conversation. Learn more.

Uncomfortable Lessons

Steve Marks, Owner & President of Main Street Gourmet, has had the pleasure of meeting several very influential people throughout his career. Learn how each encounter left him with a very valuable lesson.

Sales Efficacy

A proactive, structured approach to planning and understanding the pipeline can reduce the guesswork and unknowns of running a business. Learn more.

Problems Beget Problems

As an entrepreneur, continual effort at problem solving sharpens your abilities and helps you start to develop systems and approaches that help you solve problems quicker and easier.

Know Thyself

There is an age-old business question that frequently comes up in business journals and college class rooms; Are entrepreneurs born or made? Learn what Steve Marks, founder and owner of Main Street Gourmet, has to say about being an entrepreneur.

Greed Kills

When pursuing a prospect, it’s important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to both procure the prospect and try and turn them into a customer that will be with you for many years. Learn more.

Five things that changed my (business) life

Over the years of a business career, there are many ideas, circumstances and turning points that define and reveal success. Learn about five concepts that will favorably alter your business path.


Turnover is commonplace and inevitable in all businesses; however, it can be frustrating when you are trying to close a deal and you find out your contact left the company. Learn how to recover.


Persistence is a valuable building block of any business, and its important to appreciate that most of our plans and desires won’t work perfectly as planned. Learn more.

Cream of the Crop

Do you know what the ideal customer or account for your organization should look like? Developing a framework for determining who your top prospects should be is an important task for any entrepreneur. Learn more.

The Golden Touch

When it comes to running a business, effective decision making is all about understanding alternatives. You can make better decisions if you can involve your mind in every aspect of the business. Learn more.