Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies 114 ways

How many different ways do you think you can make a chocolate chip cookie? For Main Street Gourmet the answer is 114 and counting. One hundred fourteen different chocolate chip cookie recipes. Perfected by the food scientists at Main Street Gourmet. Our niche business focus is developing proprietary recipes. We do this in collaboration with our customers. Over the years this has led us to make many variations on the simple cookie.

Creating all these variations is quite an incredible feat. Consider that a chocolate chip cookie is merely a combination of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate chips, vanilla, pinch of salt and a touch of baking soda. Some recipes may call for chopped nuts or chocolate chunks instead of chips. Or, as we call them, premiums.

A question we are asked in nearly every introduction meeting with a new potential customer is “What are your top sellers?” This is a particularly difficult question to answer at Main Street Gourmet with our focus on custom proprietary formulations. Our CEO Steve Marks likes to say, “We specialize in special”. The chocolate chip cookie is definitely at the top of the list, in all it’s varieties.

At one time there were zero chocolate chip recipes. Ruth Wakefield is credited with the original chocolate chip cookie recipe. She and her Tollhouse Road Inn are where the original recipe was invented. We like to think that at Main Street Gourmet we honor her legacy with every new iteration we make.