Custom Cakes & Baked Goods

Cakes, Coffee Cake, Quick Bread, Banana Bread, Cornbread, Gingerbread and many others!

Thaw and Serve

Perfectly baked and ready at your convenience – just thaw and serve plain, decorated, with fruit or topping.


Thaw, pour and bake.

Master Kits

Contains everything you need, pre-measured and ready to thaw, assemble and bake. Some examples include:

  • Brownie Layer Kit – contains layers of brownies or blondies to create numerous gourmet varieties with 1 to 3 SKUs.
  • Cheesecake Kit – contains crust and filling, everything you need for a decadent dessert that is hassle free – no measuring or mixing – just assemble and bake.
  • Cobbler Kit – comes with a biscuit-like base, fruit filling and topping – combine to form a customized dessert.
  • Other items – Biscuit mix, Pie and Cobbler Fillings, Scones, Biscotti.

Have an idea? Let’s chat.

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Don’t see what you want? We can create a signature cake, quick bread, kit or batter to your specifications.

Timeline - 1992
What Happened In ...

Main Street Muffins is on the Inc. 500 List: Inc. magazine's list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America; we come in at number 319.

Timeline - 1964
What Happened In ...

Steve Marks and Harvey Nelson meet in nursery school. Harvey takes two blueberry muffins at snack time, leaving none for Steve. This would leave an indelible mark on both of them.

Timeline - 1978
What Happened In ...

Harvey and Steve become roommates in college. Unwilling to clean dishes (or anything else in the kitchen), they eat out every meal where they first see the magic of eating prepared foods.

Timeline - 1990
What Happened In ...

We outgrow the downtown building and move into an old fish distribution warehouse. Simultaneously, Main Street Muffins becomes the number one user of Christmas tree car deodorizers in an effort to eliminate fish smell from building.

What Happened In ...

We introduce thaw and serve muffins (considered "serve and thaw muffins" but became concerned about dental injuries).

Timeline - 2003
What Happened In ...

Steve Marks and his family start the Akron Marathon. It is wildly speculated that the marathon was started so that people could eat more muffins, cookies and brownies. Much less known, Harvey and his family start an 8 hour Comedy Central TV marathon where they actually do eat more muffins, cookies and brownies.

Timeline - 2006
What Happened In ...

Main Street Gourmet® enters the granola market. Kellogg's and Nature Valley's stock drops 22% on the news. Coincidence? We don't think so.

What Happened In ...

The Mayor of Akron proclaims July 17th as "Muffin Day" ... really! The Chinese calendar is changed to the Year of the Muffin from Year of the Pig. Pigs across the world refuse to eat baked goods.

What Happened In ...

A fast growing national restaurant chain chooses Main Street Gourmet® to supply a custom granola for its yogurt parfaits. Main Street Gourmet considers name change to "Main Street Granola and Other Custom Bakery Products" but holds off because it doesn't fit on letterhead.

Hollywood sign
What Happened In ...

Main Street Gourmet begins producing and selling pre-packaged “granola clusters” for a major club operator. US Government Trademark and Patent office refuses trademark application for “Granola Clusters” so name is changed to “Small Group of Something with Granola”. Movie rights to the Main Street Gourmet story sold to Stanley Spielberg, distant cousin of a famous director/producer. Book rights still available for sale!

Timeline -2016
What Happened In ...

Ground is broken on the building expansion and renovation project that will increase capacity and functionality. Not coincidentally, psychiatry bills for the Co-CEOs escalate.