Custom Cakes and Baked Goods

Custom Cakes and Baked Goods



Thaw and Serve – perfectly baked and ready at your convenience – just thaw and serve plain, decorated, with fruit or topping.

Master Kits – contains everything you need, premeasured and ready to thaw, assemble and bake.

Batter – thaw, pour and bake.



Thaw and Serve


Sugar Free Pound Cake: Original, Chocolate, Marble, and Lemon. Sugar free varieties are formulated for those who are controlling their sugar intake or have other health concerns.

Other Possibilities:


Side dish quick breads: Plain, Jalapeno, Sweet, and Deep South Cornbreads along with savory breads such as: Cheddar, Onion, Potato Chive and Santa Fe.


Breakfast breads: Cinnamon or Streusel Coffee Cake, Breads – Banana, Gingerbread, Fruit and Nut, Pumpkin, and Zucchini


Cakes: Apple Caramel, Carrot, Carrot Pineapple, Chocolate, Chocolate Cobbler, Chocolate Espresso Cream, Raspberry White Chocolate, Red Velvet, Rum Raisin and many more.


We offer precut items baked in trays, or create mini loaves of most of the above selections to suit your needs.


Master Kits:


Brownie Layer Kit: Contains layers of brownies or blondies to create numerous gourmet varieties with 1 to 3 SKUs.


Cheesecake Kit: Contains crust and filling, everything you need for a decadent dessert that is hassle free – no measuring or mixing – just assemble and bake.


Cobbler Kit: Comes with a biscuit-like base, fruit filling and topping – combine to form your favorite cobbler. Add ice cream for a memorable dessert.


Other items: Biscuit mix, Pie and Cobbler Fillings, Scones, Biscotti


Don’t see what you want? We can create a signature cake, quick bread, kit or batter to your specifications.