Examples of Our Efforts

Main Street Gourmet rises to the challenge and consistently creates solutions……

Main Street Gourmet welcomes the opportunity to create viable solutions to challenges faced by its customers. The following case studies illustrate our ability to accurately assess a situation, offer new perspectives based on our experience and expertise in the industry, and to present innovative and effective strategies for resolution.


Creating the bar that raised the bar!
Leading Fast Casual Chain
A long-standing customer entrusted us with the task of creating a unique bar to complement its current offerings. The bakery case of this fast casual restaurant chain already boasted an enviable assortment of delectable breakfast and dessert items; our assignment was to create a power-packed, nutrient rich, energy bar that was worthy of a place amid this exceptional selection. We dove right into what could have been perceived as a daunting task.
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Less cost, less SKUs, 3 times the varieties – all in one fell swoop!
Leading Natural Foods Retailer (200+locations)
Challenge: This prospect had more than 30 muffin batter products in their system and needed to increase their efficiency.
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Consistent, innovative, effective – not just buzz words…standard practice.
Leading Family Restaurant Chain (500+ locations)
Main Street Gourmet effectively met the product needs of this customer by initiating large scale production of its signature items, and developing new recipes while reducing costs, and increasing employee effectiveness at the store level.
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Main Street Gourmet provides one-stop shopping
Leading Coffee House Chain
We made the operations of this company more manageable and effective by providing all the baked goods they needed, with the consistency and quality they expected, thus freeing them to concentrate on other aspects of their operations.
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Streamlined operations equals efficiencies and icing on the cake for this operator
Regional Gourmet Supermarket Chain (10+ locations)
Main Street Gourmet effectively handled mass production of baked goods for this regional chain. This allowed its employees the time to concentrate their talents in increasing value at the store level by adding the final decorative touches for customer-pleasing presentations.
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