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Food Service Market

Food Service Market

Download our Foodservice Product FlyerDo you need great tasting, easy to use bakery products to help you stand out from the crowd? Our delicious line of muffins, cookies, and brownies will keep your customers coming back for more!

Muffin Batters

All Natural Frozen Muffin BatterAll Natural Frozen Muffin Batter

“We let our ingredients do the talking…”® muffins that are 100% natural, with no preservatives added, zero grams of trans fat per serving, loaded with real fruit and other quality ingredients-set the standard. Just scoop out and bake any size you like. With over 25 varieties ranging from classic to the exotic including low fat, fat free, and whole grain varieties, we meet all of your customers’ needs.


More Than Moist™ Frozen Muffin BatterMore Than Moist™ Frozen Muffin Batter

For situations requiring longer shelf life, try our More Than Moist™ line of muffin batters.

Pre-portioned Cookie Dough

Classic Cookie DoughClassic Cookie Dough

Just like Mom used to make! A collection of traditional cookie flavors in a variety of proportioned sizes to meet your every need. Just bake what you need for each day.


Decadent Cookie DoughDecadent Cookie Dough

Sinfully delicious treats for those moments in life when you deserve something special. Our Decadent cookie line offers a wide assortment of unique varieties that will dazzle you with large premiums and buttery flavor.

Thaw and Serve Bakery Items

Bakery Fresh™ MuffinsBakery Fresh™ Muffins

From the popular crown shape and beautiful toppings to the convenient 4oz size, we have made this delicious thaw-and-serve muffin irresistible!


Wilde Fudge™ BrowniesWilde Fudge™ Brownies

Our award-winning Wild Fudge™ Brownies are the ultimate answer to your chocolate cravings! Most varieties are available in cut or uncut sheet formats.


The "Softer" BiscottiThe "Softer" Biscotti

Tired of having to bite down on a rock hard piece of biscotti? Then our “softer” biscotti is for you. Our variety pack features several varieties hand-dipped in chocolate.