Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to produce a custom product for my company?
The main requirement is to bring us your ideas. We will then work together with you, exchanging information, offering suggestions and adapting processes as needed, to develop the perfect signature item for your company. While there are exceptions, customers generally include national and regional food operators.
What type of custom products do you currently produce?
Main Street Gourmet specializes in producing several product lines including muffins, cookies, brownies, dessert bars, granola, cakes and more. Some of our current products were developed in direct response to customer requests, a testament to our focus on the needs of our customers.
What do you mean by "custom?"
Main Street Gourmet will create an item based on your vision of the ideal signature product for your company. We will use our expertise and your ideas to develop a unique creation that sets you apart.
Will I have to pay more for a custom product?
There is no additional cost to produce a custom product. Our product development time and expertise is a free service to develop long term partnerships with our customers.
I have a great recipe for a product that I would like for you to make…is this something you do?
Generally, we only work with national and regional chains in an effort to develop products. We do have situations where we have developed products for customers without a business infrastructure.  These types of relationships are the exception and may require us to charge for our services, should this be something that makes sense for both parties.
What are the suggested baking times for Main Street Gourmet's products?

 Baking Instructions - View PDF


What are the suggested handling procedures for Main Street Gourmet's thaw and serve products?

Thaw ‘N Serve Handling Instructions - View PDF

How can I get nutritional information on Main Street Gourmet's products?

Muffin Batter Nutritional Information - View PDF

Cookie Dough Nutritional Information - View PDF

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Streusel Topping Nutritional Information - View PDF

What is the shelf life of Main Street Gourmet's products?

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Does Main Street Gourmet offer private label products?
Yes. Main Street Gourmet can work with your organization to create a private label product line that meets your expectations. Choose from a list of current bakery products or have Main Street Gourmet develop a custom private label line exclusive to your company.
Are Main Street Gourmet's products Kosher?

Nearly all of Main Street Gourmet's products are Kosher Dairy. Kosher Certificate

How many muffins will I get out of a case of Main Street Gourmet muffin batter?

It depends on the size of the muffin you are baking. Typically you can expect to get 320-1 oz., 160-2 oz., 107-3 oz., 80-4 oz., 64-5 oz. and 53- 6 oz. muffins per case of muffin batter.

What is the best way to achieve portion control when using Main Street Gourmet’s muffin batter?
Portion control is easy by using a specialized scoop for the appropriate size muffin you are baking. Call Main Street Gourmet's Customer Service Department at (800) 678-6246 with any related questions.
Can I refreeze Main Street Gourmet’s muffin batter?
Batter may be refrozen without a degradation of quality. Please keep the following in mind when doing so:
  1. If you cannot use the batter within the 4 day refrigerated shelf life, partially thaw the bucket of batter, separate it into smaller freezable containers, and refreeze the batter that will not be used promptly.
  2. Do not attempt to refreeze batters if they have been thawed more than 1 day. 
  3. Label and date all repackaged batters when they are placed in the freezer. The batter has a frozen shelf life of 6 months.
How does Main Street Gourmet distribute its products?
Main Street Gourmet distributes its products via foodservice, fundraising and retail distributors. Please call Main Street Gourmet's Customer Service Department at (800) 678-6246 for specific information to your area.
What are your pick up hours?
Main Street Gourmet's pick up hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
What are your receiving hours?
Main Street Gourmet's receiving hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
How can I order Main Street Gourmet's products?
Please call Main Street Gourmet's Customer Service Department at (800) 678-6246 for options in your area.
Can I order Main Street Gourmet's products online?
Currently, only certain Isabella’s Healthy Bakery items are available via online sales. Please call Main Street Gourmet's Customer Service Department at (800) 678-6246 for other options on direct delivery.
Can I order Isabella’s Healthy Bakery products online?

Yes you can! Please visit our online store to place an order.

Does Main Street Gourmet offer Sugar Free or No Sugar Added products?

Yes. Our Isabella’s® Healthy Bakery functional food line offers health benefits without sacrificing flavor. We use high-quality ingredients, and generous amounts of Grade A fruit. Our extensive variety will please every customer’s taste. Of course, all Isabella’s® Healthy Bakery products are kosher dairy! Order NOW

How can I get answers to questions on a Main Street Gourmet product purchased at a grocery store?
Please call Main Street Gourmet's Customer Service Department at (800) 678-6246 for answers to your specific questions.