Quality Assurance

Main Street Gourmet
Main Street Gourmet meets all federal, state and other appropriate regulatory laws and guidelines for food and production safety. The following is a partial list of programs in place that ensure consumer food safety in all of Main Street Gourmet’s areas of production and distribution.



  • Main Street Gourmet has achieved the Level 2 Certification for Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards. SQF Standards are recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Main Street Gourmet has a working HAACP Plan that is reviewed annually by a leading third party food safety auditor.
  • In addition, the company has periodic inspections by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as well as the United States Food and Drug Administration.


Production Dates/Quality Assurance

  • Production Code Dates are easily identifiable, showing production and expiration dates that allow for tracking of specific production batches. This information is marked on individual products and on master cases.
  • All product is tested by the Quality Assurance Department. A one-ounce sample batch is coded and frozen. The samples are baked the next day by QA and checked against production sheets for proper code, rise, taste, and overall acceptability. A dedicated QA person oversees all bakery production.
  • In addition to checking the finished product, all incoming product is checked for temperature and code dates as well as the cleanliness of the delivery and its actual temperature. The Production Staff lists all raw material ingredients utilized. Batch codes and use-by dates are recorded so product produced can be traced to specific raw materials.
  • The company has a Preventative Pest Control Program that is maintained by a recognized and certified organization.


Product Traceability

  • Main Street Gourmet has a Full Recall Procedure in place. The entire product list is given a code specific to that batch. Twice a year, mock recalls are performed to check the efficiency and ability to recall a product.